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What to ask your vet at your next pet wellness exam?

Visiting your vet at Port Isabel Animal Clinic isn’t just for when your pet is sick. In fact, your veterinary team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in animal care and wellbeing, and this makes them an ideal source for valuable advice and information to ensure that your pet is as healthy and happy as it could possibly be.

Here are some suggestions for what you might want to ask your vet at your pet’s next wellness exam.


Is my pet a healthy weight?

Obesity isn’t only on the rise among humans. Studies show that more than half of dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight, and this is something that can have serious consequences for their health. Animals that are carrying extra weight are more likely to suffer from health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis – all of which can shorten their lifespan as well as affect their quality of life. Nevertheless, it can be tricky to tell if an animal is overweight just by looking at them, so it’s important to ask your vet at Port Isabel Animal Clinic whether your pet is a healthy weight, and what the healthy weight range is for your pet.


Is the diet that my pet is eating right for them?

One of the biggest misconceptions about feeding our pets is that they should stay on the same diet for their entire life. Animals, like us, have different nutritional requirements at different stages of their life and their diets should be changed to reflect this. For example, a young pup needs lots of calories to help them grow and develop, while an older pet will need fewer calories as they won’t be burning as much energy, and they may need supplements to help to maintain their health. Your vet can advise you of the nutritional needs of your pet and will help to create a diet that suits them.


How much exercise does my pet need?

Just like us, all animals need regular exercise to help them maintain their weight and stay healthy. However, no two pets are the same, and exactly how much exercise they will need can vary greatly depending on several factors, including their age, breed, weight, and current health. Your vet team at Port Isabel Animal Clinic is the best resource to suggest the appropriate amount of exercise that your pet should get each day.


Are my pet’s teeth in need of cleaning?

Many owners don’t realize that they should be brushing their pet’s teeth regularly at home. This can be done with a human toothbrush, but you should only ever use a pet toothpaste as human varieties are toxic to animals. It may sound tricky to do, but your vet will be happy to give you some pointers on the best brushing techniques to use, and most animals learn to tolerate it fairly well. However, as well as brushing their teeth at home, most owners are recommended to schedule their pet for annual professional teeth cleanings with their vet. These are designed to carry out the cleaning that you can’t achieve at home and can dramatically boost your pet’s oral health.


Does my pet need any preventatives?

Preventative care is extremely important and can keep your pet safe. There are lots of different types of preventatives available, from oral medications and spot-on topical and treatments given monthly. Your vet will be able to advise you which preventatives your pet requires and can work with you to create a schedule of when they should be administered, meaning that your precious pet is never left unprotected.



For more tips on what to ask at your pet’s wellness exam, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our experienced veterinary team at Port Isabel Animal Clinic at (956) 943-6022 today!


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