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The Different Types of Pet Vaccinations: What Your Pet Needs and When
May 31, 2023

Pet vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet healthy and safe. Vaccinations help protect your pet from diseases and illnesses.

How Does Dental Disease Affect Dogs?
February 28, 2023

Just as you and your dog are having fun together, you smell its breath! More than just keeping your dog's breath fresh, proper dental care may also enhance its overall well-being. You may already know that periodontal disease can develop in dogs whose teeth are not properly cared for. It is a disease that eventually leads to tooth loss, bleeding gums, and poor breath.

8 Subtle Signs Your Pet Is in Pain
November 30, 2022

Your animal companion experiences pain for many of the same reasons you do. These include infections, dental issues, sprains and strains, broken bones, arthritis, postsurgical pain, back problems, and other illnesses or injuries. Unfortunately, pets cannot tell their human companions when and where they hurt. 

What You Need To Know To Prep Your Pet For Hurricane Season
June 14, 2022

Hurricane season is here, and while you may feel that your family is prepared for the bad weather, how ready is your pet? Any loving pet owner will be concerned that their pet is kept safe in the windiest season of the year. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you and your furry family members stay safe.

How Do Pets Get Heartworms?
May 17, 2022

Many parasites can affect our animals. One of the most dangerous is heartworms. While heartworms can affect cats and some other small mammals, dogs are the natural host of this parasite and are also most at risk. Let's find out more about this potentially deadly parasite infestation and how you can keep your pet safe.

When is the Right Time to Spay/Neuter My Pet?
December 2, 2021

There are many responsibilities associated with being a pet owner. One of these is when is the right time to get your pet spayed or neutered. This process involves the removal of the testicles in male animals, or the ovaries and usually the uterus in females. Both the procedures are very commonly performed, safe, and recommended by veterinarians across the United States.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips
October 19, 2021

Halloween is just around the corner, and you are probably getting ready for all the festivities that the spookiest holiday of the year can bring. While Halloween is supposed to be scary for humans, it can have frightening consequences for our animals if we aren’t aware of the potential dangers. Thus, we must take the proper steps to keep our pets safe.

What infections can be caused by fleas and ticks?
August 4, 2021

Fleas and ticks are a common part of pet ownership. These parasites aren’t only a nuisance in their own right, but they can also have more significant consequences for your animal. This is because fleas and ticks can transmit diseases between their hosts, and some of these can make your pet sick.

What to ask your vet at your next pet wellness exam?
April 28, 2021

Visiting your vet at Port Isabel Animal Clinic isn’t just for when your pet is sick. In fact, your veterinary team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in animal care and wellbeing, and this makes them an ideal source for valuable advice and information to ensure that your pet is as healthy and happy as it could possibly be.

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